LabQ Diagnostics is a full-service, independent clinical laboratory servicing New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Виктория 19.06.2023

Наверное одна с отвратительных фирм где приходилось работать, отношение к сотрудникам как к г’вну, директор мудак! Не советую

Олена 21.04.2023

Plus - Good salary. Team lead's support is felt in problematic cases.
Minus - Tough schedule with multiple shifts driving crazy! (3 days work, 1 day leave - morn - day, day - night, night - morn).
It's well that the company provides signed taxi service (or covering expense, as service doesn't work well enough, frankly speaking), due to many demands for new workers there's temporary accommodation available from some time before. Also the company started declaring snacks to be ordered for the staff, which sounds good. Work is samely, not that hard as compared to others of that kind, still the schedule sucks! People come and go, with their motivation slowly drifting away when exhaustion comes to the peak and exploitation takes its charge - for overworking hours even a bonus is stipulated - but that's real madness! Coffee breaks, nice atmosphere, big rooms somewhat makes the work comfortable, but that is up to you to decide, whether money rush is worth that extreme competitive spirit.

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